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Jamia Islamabad Trust is aiming to establish Islamabad International University (proposed name) under the supervision of Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Jalali, with the aim of providing free education to needy and poor students of society, integrating Islamic values, teachings about Sufism, character building, distance learning, academic and technical excellence into educational system, so that the students leading to the professional and practical life are ready to become a responsible and useful citizens thus being instrumental in development of progressive and welfare society. For this purpose, 46 kanals of land has been purchased near GT Road Rawat Islamabad at a distance of 2 km on Kalar Sayyidaan Road from Rawat, Islamabad. Further expansion is in progress. Land has been surveyed from Survey of Pakistan. Soil testing of land has been done and a map compatible with modern requirements has been prepared. The proposed map of the University can be viewed on the University of Islamabad website www.jamiaislamabad.edu.pk.

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