Ascension of the Prophet in the light of Qur'an and Sunnah


  • ڈاکٹر محمد عرفان
  • ڈاکٹر عبدالماجد
  • ڈاکٹر حبیب الرحمن



Immediately after the revelation of Hazrat Muhammad, the disbelievers of Makkah tried their best to put obstacles in his way and continued to inflict pain and trouble on the Prophet of Allah in different ways.From time to time miracles were revealed by Allah in different ways for the help of the Prophet and for the satisfaction of the heart.One of the proofs and miracles of the prophethood of the Messenger of God is the ascension of the Prophet.In this incident, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) was given the honor of leading the prophets by Allah, by traveling to Jerusalem and then during the journey of the heavens, he was given a view of heaven and hell.Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) also spoke to his God and as a gift he was given the obligation of prayer and very confidential matters remained under discussion.The journey so far that the journey of the whole heavenly universe, meeting the Prophets is one of the most important proofs of the prophethood of the Prophet Muhammad.

KeyWords: Hazrat Muhammad(SAW), Ascension.