Ejaz-ul-Quran: A Permanent Proof of the Muhammadan Prophethood (PBUH)


  • ڈاکٹر حافظ عبد الرشید



Allah, the Lord of Glory, has sent Prophets and Messengers from among human beings for the guidance of human beings, so that He may convey His commands to the servants through these chosen persons. Since messengers and prophets were human beings, there was no difference between their appearance and the appearance of other human beings, so Allah Almighty gave them miracles as proof of their authenticity. Miracles are a reflection of the power of Allah, the Lord of Glory, which is manifested in the hands of Allah, the Prophet and the Messenger in proof of the authenticity and truthfulness of the Prophets. Because whenever the Prophets presented themselves as ambassadors sent by Allah, the people demanded such signs by which a person can be sure that he is indeed the Prophet and Messenger of Allah. Allah Almighty has bestowed innumerable miracles on our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Holy Qur'an is one of those miracles which is a living miracle till the day of judgment.

In what sense is the Holy Quran a miracle? Researchers differ on this point. Some called it a miracle because of its eloquence and expressiveness, some because of the preservation of its words and meanings, some because of its revolutionary and passionate effect, and some because of its previous divine teachings, some because of its involvement in all aspects of life, and some because of the history of the earlier nations. The question arises as to how Ijaz-ul-Quran can become a lasting proof of the prophethood of the Holy Prophet. The article under review contains these researches.

Key Words: Miracles, Quran, Ijaz-ul-Quran, Proof of Prophethood, Muhammad (PBUH)