Understanding the Christian-Muslim-Relations (CMR) in Modern Times

Understanding the Christian-Muslim-Relations (CMR) in Modern Times


  • Dr. Muhammad Junaid Nadvi
  • Tariq Mahmood


Christians and Muslims have been engaged in communications on the matters of faith and morality, since the emergence of Islam. The attitudes of these faiths have been deeply contaminated by the legacy of past encounters and centuries-old negative views. However, the interest of Christians and Muslims, in understanding each other is also phenomenal in history. In view of this scenario, this article attempts to identify and understand three principal questions: What kind of relations does Christians and Muslims want in modern times? What are the challenges to Christians-Muslims-Relations (CMR) in modern times? and what are their solutions? These questions are taken in to account, for the kind of Christian-Muslim-Relations to be anticipated for and worked for.

Keywords:Understanding, Christian, Muslim, Relations, Modern Times.